Temi About Us

Welcome to the world of Temi, a meme coin unlike any other. Temi isn't just a digital asset; it's a revolution in the music industry. Talented artist who can rap, sing, dance, and who, unlike many others, writes all of his own music, Temi aims to merge the worlds of music and blockchain technology.

Our mission is to create a platform where creativity meets innovation, providing fans and artists with unprecedented opportunities & exclusive music.



Launch and Community Building

  • Q3 2024: Launch of Temi token
  • Q4 2024: Building a robust community on social media platforms and crypto forums
  • Q1 2025: Applying for listings on as many CEX’s & DEX’s
Phase 2

Platform Development

  • Q2 2025: Development of the Temi platform for artists and fans
  • Q3 2025: Beta testing of the platform with selected artists and users
  • Q4 2025: Official launch of the Temi platform
Phase 3

Expansion and Partnerships

  • Q1 2026: Partnering with music labels and artists
  • Q2 2026: Expanding the platform to include more features like live streaming and exclusive content
  • Q3 2026: International expansion and collaborations with global artists
Phase 4

Future Innovations

  • 2027 and Beyond: Continuous innovation and improvement of the platform, integrating new technologies and trends

Temi’s Dream - Solana Anthem airdropped on every SAGA 2 phone 🙏🏽

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Our mission at Temi is to revolutionize the music industry by leveraging blockchain technology to empower artists and fans. We believe in the power of true talent and creativity, and our goal is to create a fair and transparent ecosystem where artists can thrive without the constraints of traditional music industry gatekeepers. By combining the best of both worlds—music and blockchain—we aim to build a vibrant community that supports and celebrates genuine artistry.

Join us on this exciting journey and be a part of the Temi revolution. Together, we can redefine the music landscape and create a future where talent truly shines.

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